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introducing opfs

OPFS is the name under which I am working on a personal photo/video management solution. Basically I don’t want to trust all my media to a /service/ but I want to catalog it all. I want to be able to back it up to cloud/disk/whatever. I want a nice web interface. I don’t want to worry about duplicates. I want search as well as tags/albums.

So I started to build a system that has all these features. Based on a simple content-addressed store in the file-system to allow simple sync/backup, it uses Elasticsearch to provide a search/query interface and exposes an API and a UI over http.

It can scan and watch a directory to import content. Currently it understands JPEG photos with EXIF data and MP4 containers for video. I gave up trying to natively in go take a thumbnail from an MP4, so MP4 thumbnails shell out to ffmpeg.

It’s very much still a work in progress but feel free to check out the code and build it for yourself: